National Young People with Disability Summit


    CYDA is thrilled to be convening our first National Young People with Disability Summit to be held September 29 - October 3

    What is the National Summit?

    The National Summit will be an opportunity for young people with disability from around the country to come together for a five day on line event focusing on the issues that matter to you. From the beginning, the Summit has been designed and planned with young people with disability – our Co-design Committee. There will be chances to talk about important issues in the lives of young people with disability, and to share your experiences with policy-makers and other stakeholders.

    The National Summit was originally planned for June 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The National Summit will now be held September 29 - October 3 so SAVE THE DATE!

    Why are we running a National Summit?

    We hope through holding this first ever National Summit that young people with disability:

    • feel included and supported to have their say about the issues that are important to them
    • learn and share skills and develop their experience in becoming self-advocates and leaders
    • have an opportunity to inform policy-makers and governments about what needs to change for young people with disability.

    For CYDA as an organisation, the Summit is also important. We would like to:

    • learn directly from young people about their experiences and the policy and advocacy issues that are important to them
    • amplify the voices of young people with disability so that policy-makers can hear directly from young people too
    • build connections with and between young people with disability around the country.

    How are we working with young people with disability to design the Summit?

    In early 2020, a group of 20 young people with disability, aged 15 to 25, from around Australia joined our National Summit Co-design Committee.

    We meet monthly to plan the Summit, including the topics we should cover, how the event will run, and how to make it as accessible and inclusive as possible.

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