Don’t leave our kids behind: Families of kids, young people with disability concerned about new intensive care coronavirus guidelines

    Media Statement 17 March 2020

    Australian families are concerned the new coronavirus guidelines by the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand (ANZICS) may see kids with disability denied life saving medical care during the pandemic.

    The ANZICS guidelines, released yesterday, state:

    In the event of an overwhelming demand for critical care services we recommend the following principles should be considered for admission to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit):

    • The decision-making process should be open, transparent, reasonable and inclusive of patients, their families, ICU and non-ICU staff.
    • Similar ICU admission criteria should apply to all patients across all jurisdictions, and equally to patients with pandemic illness and those with other conditions.
    • Senior Intensive Care medical staff, recognising available resources, should consider the probable outcome of the patient’s condition, the burden of ICU treatment for the patient and their family, patients’ comorbidities and wishes, and likelihood of response to treatment.

    Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) is concerned kids with disability who may experience a range of medical conditions may find themselves denied access to the ICU.

    Statement from Mary Sayers, CEO, Children and Young People with Disability Australia

    “These guidelines have created concern among the tens of thousands of Australian families of kids with disability – especially for those whose kids have multiple medical needs.

    “Are they among those who ANZICS would see as a ‘burden’ to their ICU? The community needs some reassurance from ANZICS that kids with disability won’t be left behind.”

    The ANZICS guidelines are here:

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