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    The Australian 12 October

    "Disability advocacy services also told the commission parents often felt their child was left out of regular school events such as sports carnivals, dance class and work experience. Mary Sayers from Children and Young People with Disability Australia, said its 2019 national education survey found 16 per cent of students did not attend school full time, 14 per cent had been suspended and 40 per cent were excluded from school events or activities, in the last year. “Some parents say they have no choice because of these behaviours but to exit the school and undertake home schooling or distance education,” she said. “They really feel that schools have failed them and therefore they have no other option but to home school or enrol in distance education.” Ms Sayers said her organisation’s survey showed families did not believe their students with disability got enough support or were communicated with regularly enough about their progress.

    They also didn’t believe teachers had high expectations of them or the training to provide proper support. “Families describe to us the battle they have to face to advocate for inclusion of their child,” Ms Sayers said. “ These attitudes can be summarised by one family who said, ‘I applied to 36 schools, have attended four, which two have removed him, and three would not meet his needs and assaulted him’.” 

    SMH article October 12

    "Mary Sayers, chief executive of the Council of Young People with Disabilities Australia, said her organisation's surveys showed families did not believe their children with disabilities received adequate support. "Families did not believe ... they were communicated with regularly about the student's learning progress, they didn't believe teachers had high expectations of the student, or teachers had the required training to provide a supportive and enriching education environment," she said."

    ABC Radio October 12 

    Many Australians living with disability had experienced a disrupted education long before the pandemic, with higher rates of bullying and disjointed classroom support. Some of those stories will now be examined by the Disability Royal Commission when public hearings resume today.

    How Children With Disabilities Are Excluded in Schooling During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

    Patient worthy August 21

    An Australian royal commission is investigating claims that children with disabilities are being excluded from online learning. They are also looking into issues with the services that are provided to those who live with a disability, such as cancellations.