Media: Students with disabilities could be disadvantaged if HECS loans are removed from failing students

    Thursday 10th September 2020 by Zedlines Contributor

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    University life with a disability can be hard enough without the further addition of financial and academic pressure.  Most students have probably never imagined what they’d do if they had to pay their HECS loan this month. But, for some struggling students, they could see themselves forced to pay their fees upfront if they wish to continue studying. Listen to hear 4ZZZ reporter Hannah Davies speak with Mary Sayers, CEO of Children and Young People with Disabilities Australia, about university life for students with disabilities, as well as Finnian Arthur Jay Sonter, a university student that's felt how tough life can get with a disability.  

    For more info, visit Children and Young People with Disability Australia and to learn what a HECS-HELP Loan and what is the Job-Ready Graduates Package are click here.