In control: a guide to employing your own staff

    CYDA has developed In Control: A guide to employing your own staff to support people who are self-managing NDIS plans to employ their own staff if they choose to. This guide provides an overview of the recruitment process for staff, legal requirements, and your obligations as an employer.

    In Control: A guide to employing your own staff also includes a range of appendix files, including templates for budge. Download the document appendix files below.

    Appendix 1: Budget template (XLSX, 31KB)
    Appendix 2: Position description template (DOCX, 27KB)
    Appendix 3: Position description example - support worker (DOCX, 24KB)
    Appendix 4: Sample job advertisement (DOCX, 18KB)
    Appendix 5: Application form (DOCX, 20KB)
    Appendix 6: Employee interview guide (DOCX, 25KB)
    Appendix 7: Reference check template (DOCX, 18KB)
    Appendix 8: Unsuccessful applicant letter template (DOCX, 13KB)
    Appendix 9: Letter of engagement for full or part time employees (DOC, 80KB)
    Appendix 10: Letter of engagement for casual employees (DOC, 76KB)
    Appendix 11: Application to register a PAYG withholding account (PDF, 324KB)
    Appendix 12: Superannuation standard choice form (PDF, 326KB)
    Appendix 13: Employee induction checklist (DOCX, 18KB)
    Appendix 14: Tax file number declaration form (PDF, 417KB)
    Appendix 15: Fair work information statement (PDF, 196KB) 
    Appendix 16: Employee bank details form (DOCX, 14KB)
    Appendix 17: Timesheet template (DOC, 79KB)
    Appendix 18: Payslip template (DOC, 49KB) 
    Appendix 19: Daily duties checklist (DOCX, 16KB)
    Appendix 20: Home safety checklist (DOCX, 29KB)
    Appendix 21: Check in conversation (DOCX, 14KB)
    Appendix 22: Performance review (DOCX, 29KB)
    Appendix 23: Employee exit checklist (DOCX, 16KB)