Webinar 5 September 2022 - What does ‘school ready’ mean? What to ignore and what to do.

    Webinar 5 September 2022 - What does ‘school ready’ mean? What to ignore and what to do.

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    We at Children and Young People with Disability Australia believe that hearing directly from young people with disability about their experiences helps families, caregivers, and communities to have high expectations and aspirations for all children. You'll hear from young people with disability who will be presenting and facilitating the webinars, about their experiences growing up.

    Webinar recording

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    Materials for participants

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    What have people said about the webinars so far?

    Family members of children with disability said:

    • “It was different to what I was expecting but I think it was great to get the perspective from young people. It made me reflect on how important it is to advocate for all children.”

     Early childhood educators said:

    • “The young people who spoke were eloquent and insightful. Thank you for providing the platform for us to hear there thoughts on such an important issue.”
    • “It was great to hear personal experiences and the use of story telling it is impactful and stays with you.”
    • “Loved the person stories from young people about their lived experiences. Made my heart smile.”

     Early intervention professionals said:

    • “Presentation was professional and personal at the same time. Easy to listen to.”
    • “Thank you for the webinar. I have walked away with some meaningful ideas and points for reflection to consider. Thanks”
    • “It’s a very rare opportunity for us who work in early intervention to reflect on how we are making sure our work is reflective of children’s voice. This session has really made an impact to my practice and will make sure to share the recordings with my colleagues. Thank you for your wonderful presentation.“