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Empowering children and young people with disability

At CYDA, we are dedicated to creating a more inclusive society, where children and young people with disability have the support and resources they need to thrive.

As the national peak body representing children and young people (aged 0-25) with disability, we advocate for their rights and wellbeing with government and other key stakeholders.

But we cannot do it alone!

Group of people standing outside looking at each other and smiling. Three people are standing and one is sitting in a wheelchair.
Image: Person in a wheelchair smiling and holding a book in their hands, sitting in front of a bookshelf

Why donate to CYDA?

Your donation will directly contribute to shaping brighter future for children and young people with disabilities. By supporting CYDA, you will help us:

  • drive inclusion
  • create equitable life pathways and opportunities
  • lead changes in community attitudes
  • support young people to make decisions and have control in their lives


How will you have an impact on the lives of children and young people with disabilities?


Can support a young person with disability to share their lived experience and contribute to key policy reforms.


Can support a young person with disability to learn about disability rights and advocacy and develop their leadership skills


Allows us to engage 4 young people with disability in a key consultation or co-design session.


Can supports a young person with disability to attend the National Youth Disability Summit to engage with their community and advocate for their rights.

Image: Small child wearing a hearing aid and holding plastic glasses around her neck

How do I donate?