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Watch our short introduction video to the DREAM Employment Network

What is the DREAM Employment Network?

“The key to achieving genuine inclusivity in Australia lies in empowerment, collaboration and the breaking down of stereotypes.”

The DREAM Employment Network bridges the gap between young people with disability who want to work, and forward-thinking employers who recognise that diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and success. The aim of the Network is to build leadership skills, inclusive employment pathways, and opportunities for leadership positions for young people with disability. 

The Network aligns with the broader Australian Disability Strategy and was made possible by funding from the Disability Youth Leadership Grant.

How does it work?

Members of the DREAM Employment Network are invited to attend free, online networking events and workshops, and receive a monthly newsletter with updates and links to Network resources. 

Resources can also be found on this website and will be updated regularly.

For young people with disability, this is an opportunity to:

For employers, this is a unique opportunity to: 

Who can join the Network?

The DREAM Employment Network is for employers and young people with disability. 

Young people with disability aged 15-25 years

The DREAM Employment Network is for all young people with disability, whether or not you already have a job. It can support you to develop leadership skills, or to take the next leap in your leadership/employment goals.

Young people with all kinds of disability are welcome. This includes people with: 

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You do not need to have a medical diagnosis to be part of the DREAM Employment Network.


An “employer” might be a manger of staff, someone who works in HR, or anyone representing a government, private, non-profit or business workplace that employs staff and pays a fair wage.

Sign up here!

Joining the DREAM Employment Network is easy and free! Just go to the sign-up form that applies to you 👇 

Fill in a few details about yourself and/or the organisation you represent, and we will be in touch shortly with updates and invitations to workshops events! 

Everyone who joins the DREAM Employment Network must follow a code of conduct. You can download the code of conduct using the links below 👇

The DREAM Network was launched on Tuesday 5 September 2023. You can watch a video of the launch with captions and Auslan here  👇

Upcoming events and workshops

Stats and facts

26% of young people with disability are unemployed (compared to 10% of their non-disabled peers).

Up to 20% of people with disability looking for work are under 25 years.

45% of employed people with disability report unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace.

Young people talk about employment

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Louise Weekley talks about how her idea of leadership has been influenced by her experience of disability and changed over time.

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A young person working in a hospitality setting, slicing bread, young person is wearing a black apron and smiling towards the task they are doing.

Lessons from my first employer

“In my first job, I, unfortunately, experienced a lack of support as a disabled person. I believe that this came from their lack of awareness, not necessarily a place of malice.” Emily Unity reflects on their first experience of employment, what they’ve learned, and what they would do differently now.

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