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About the National Youth Disability Summit

The National Youth Disability Summit is a conference for young people with disability to have a real say about their futures. The Summit is held once every year.  

The young people who go to the Summit are between 12 and 25 years old and come from all over Australia. 

Each Summit is led by a group of young disabled people called our Co-Design Committee. 

What happens at the Summit?

The Summit is an opportunity for young people with disability to: 

Two young people grinning as they hold up an instagram cutout with with National Youth Disability Summit branding, including a plane and a Canberra cityscape. They are in an event space, and there are people milling about at tables behind them.

Where does the Summit take place?

The first two Summits happened online with over 300 people at each Summit.  

Our most recent Summit, in January 2023, happened both online and in person. The young people who came to the Summit in person went to Canberra to take part.

A young woman with bright pink hair, lipstick and jacket. She is on a stage, holding a paper and speaking into a microphone. There is signage behind her with CYDA branding on it. She is using a manual wheelchair.

What do people talk about at the Summit?

Some of the topics that young people have talked about at the Summits are: 

Who can go to the Summit?

Young people with all kinds of disability are welcome at the Summit. This includes people with: 

You do not need to have a medical diagnosis to come to the Summit. 

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The next Summit will happen in 2024.

Keep an eye on this page and our social media for details! 

A group of CYDA staff and Youth Council posed together in rows, all smiling for the camera. The man in front is lying on his side making the okay sign. There is signage with CYDA branding behind them.

Supported by

The Summit is made possible with Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) funding from the Department of Social Services (DSS).