Disability rights in Australia

Information about disability rights and anti-discrimination law in Australia.


Resources for parents, caregivers and young people with disability, to help you navigate the education system in Australia (K–Tertiary).


Resources for young people with disability, their families and caregivers, to help you navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Inclusion in early childhood

Resources, made or co-designed by young people with disability, to help parents, caregivers and educators to support young children.

Child safety and prevention of abuse

Factsheets and information on child safety and preventing violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of children and young people with disability.

The words "book power" in blocky green print with graphics of stars, swirls and springs dotted about.

Writers, readers and advocates talk about disability representation in the stories we read

Watch our free webinar featuring Eliza Hull, Lily Gaulton, Chloe Rattray and Laura Pettenuzzo. 

Find resources to help you advocate for better disability representation in your local library.