Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

Youth Hub

A space for young people with disability

On this page, you will find information about CYDA’s youth programs, opportunities, youth led advocacy and content created by young people with disability.

Two young people grinning as they hold up an instagram cutout with with National Youth Disability Summit branding, including a plane and a Canberra cityscape. They are in an event space, and there are people milling about at tables behind them.

Graphic of a plane flying in front of the sun over a Canberra cityscape. Text reads: “National Youth Disability Summit”.

National Youth Disability Summit

The Summit is CYDA’s annual event where young people with disability gather (online and in person) to talk about the issues that matter to them, learn about and develop their advocacy, and have a real say about their futures.

Dream employment network. Large banner.

Join the Network!

The DREAM (Disability Representation Employment & Accessibility Mission) Network is for:

Young people with disability looking for leadership and career opportunities.

Employers with an interest in learning about, or providing, accessible employment.

Image: A young woman with fair skin and long blonde hair, wearing headphones, sitting at a computer with hands on keyboard and looking to her left into camera and smiling.

Young Leaders Program

A 6-8 month program supporting young people with disability to achieve their own leadership goals, and develop their skills and interests, whatever they may be! 

Youth led advocacy

Young people with disability are leading the way at CYDA, working directly on our policy and research, election platforms and as delegates to the United Nations. 

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Opinion pieces and interviews by young people with disability.