The Disabled Employee Podcast – Episode 2: Ableism and Adjustments

Text reads "The Disabled Employee". Under the text are three stick figures, one with shoulder length curly hair wearing sunglasses, one with long blond hair using a power wheelchair, and one with purple highlights in their hair holding a cane. In the bottom right corner, hands are typing on a laptop with various snacks and computer equipment strewn about.



Thanh, Britt and Dureece talk about accessing reasonable adjustments, overcoming internalised ableism and dealing with discrimination in the workplace.

The Disabled Employee is a podcast produced and presented by young people with disability. It is produced as part of the DREAM Employment Network, a project by Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA).

[Description: YouTube video displaying stick figures of the three podcasters as they speak.”

About the podcasters:

Young femme presenting Asian person, smiling brightly into the camera, with shoulder length straight black hair, wearing an orange jumper.

Thanh is a law student at Monash University who strives to advocate for inclusion and greater education around disability, particularly in regards to intersectionality. They aim to bring their experience in disability, LGBTQIA+, and linguistically diverse backgrounds into their work. 

Brittney (she/her) is a 22-year-old, born with a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy and other disabilities. Through their experiences and background, Brittney strives to find community, and advocate for those more vulnerable than herself.

An illustration of a young blond woman with prominent teeth and a white dog. with a decorative pink background.
A young person with curly dark hair to their shoulders, wearing a grey jumper and looking into camera.

Dureece is a 25-year-old film student who lives with DPDR, a type of dissociative disorder. As someone with an acquired condition, he is very familiar with the lack of awareness and empathy that many people have towards disabilities. He wants to help close the gap by drawing from his experience as a formerly “able” person.