Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

Accessible work day tour

Three images side by side. The first is the words "work place vlog" with some stars above in cut out newspaper font. The second is a photo of a young femme presenting person with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a rainbow lanyard and holding up a barbie with a bionic leg. In the third image the same young person is pictured above text that reads: "Name: Izzie. Pronouns: She/They. Works at: YDAN". The YDAN logo sits bottom-right. There is a small smiley face to the right.



Izzie Choate takes us on a tour of YDAN, talking about accessibility in the workplace as part of CYDA’s DREAM Employment Network.

[Description: TikTok of a young person with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a rainbow lanyard, taking us on a tour of their workplace. When the music plays, access tips pop up on the screen. The tips are written out below.]

Izzie's tips for an accessible workplace:

Access tip #1: Flexible work times.

Access tip #2: I promise we feel bad if we’re late – please don’t make us feel worse!

Access tip #3: Mask up OR don’t make a big deal if others do.

Access tip #4: Be aware of your colleague’s access needs and do your best to support them.

Access tip #5: Schedule your days according to how your body works.

Access tip #6: Have different levels or adjustable lighting to accomodate sensory sensitivities.

Access tip #7: Access is intersectional! Normalise using pronouns.

Access tip #8: Build a workplace culture that allows people to share their capacity.

Access tip #9: Set office expectations – this helps everyone stay on the same page.

Access tip #10: Have multiple formats for communicating with staff.

Access tip #11: Have a designated quiet space for people who need silence to work.

Access tip #12: Cater for all dietary requirements so people are included without having to tell you.

Access tip #13: Let your staff use fidgets! They help us concentrate 🙂

Access tip #14: Don’t forget to sanitise any shared items!

Access tip #15: Let staff take frequent breaks!

Access tip #16: Have safety protocols in place so you know where staff are, but allow us our own agency.

Access tip #17: Allow flexible work structures and working locations.

Access tip #18: Representation matters! How can your staff feel included at work?

Access tip #19: Be flexible with dress standards and working locations where possible.

A young femme presenting person with curled orange/red hair smiling slightly. Behind them is a tree-lined suburban street.

About the vlogger:

Isabella Choate (she/they) is a lived experience advocate working across disability, mental-ill health, LGBTQIA+, young carer, and youth spaces. They work from an intersectional, disability justice, and consumer/survivor movement lens.