Inclusive Education

What is inclusive education?

Inclusive education recognises the right of every child and young person – without exception – to be included in general education settings. It means adapting mainstream environments and teaching approaches to make sure everyone is genuinely included and valued. It embraces human diversity and welcomes everyone as equal members of an educational community.

Three little girls in brightly coloured dress up, one in a blue duffel coat and red hat, one as a dinosaur, one in a green and purple top hat and coat with a yellow bowtie. Dinosaur girl is in the middle holding a stack or colourful books which they are all looking at eagerly.

Fighting for inclusive education

Our advocacy work on inclusive education at CYDA. 

Know your rights

Fact sheets and resources about your right to inclusive education.

Inclusive education and CYDA at the UN

CYDA presenting on inclusive education at United Nations CoSP14.