Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

CYDA at the United Nations CoSP14

About CoSP14

Every year, the United Nations holds a conference for countries that have agreed to uphold rights of people with disability.

This conference is called the “Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” or “CoSP” for short.

In 2021, the UN held its 14th CoSP event, CoSP14.

The main theme of CoSP14 was: “Building back better: COVID-19 response and recovery; meeting the needs, realizing the rights, and addressing the socio-economic impacts on persons with disabilities.”

A screenshot of a person's face, they are wearing headphones and the image of an Auslan interpreter is in the bottom right.
Melanie Tran speaking at a CoSP Side Event
young person smiling and wearing a bright blue and red AFL beanie and holding two small dogs on their lap, sitting in a wheelchair.
Jocelyn Neumueller who spoke at the Side Event
Close up of a person's face who has dark hair, they are looking down.
Tim Chan speaking at the Side Event

"[W]e believe the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on just how poorly children and young people with disability are supported in their education in Australia before and during the pandemic. This spanned all states and territories and all educational settings."

CYDA had a number of representatives involved in COSP14, including our CEO Mary Sayers, and youth representatives Melanie Tran, Tim Chan and Jocelyn Neumueller.

Mary Sayers presented a speech on “Right to education: challenges with inclusive education and accessibility during the coronavirus disease pandemic.”

Panel event: It all begins with education: Realising inclusive education in Australia and the roadmap for change

CYDA’s representatives were also part of a panel event with Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) talking about the need for inclusive education and how we can make it happen.

Watch the full panel with Auslan here 👇