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CYDA’s submission to the Independent Review of the NDIS

CYDA policy submission.

In September, CYDA made a submission to the 2023 Independent Review of the NDIS. CYDA drew on previous consultations and discussions with children, young people and families to recommend that a reformed NDIS must:

  • Guarantee children with disability remain in the scheme until viable and effective early childhood approaches are available for all. 
  • Ensure the NDIS is fit-for-purpose for children and young people by considering the specific circumstances of young people with disability in Australia. From preschool to high school, university and beyond, they face unique barriers at every stage of their early lives and need equally unique support to address them.
  • Empower the NDIS workforce to support the unique needs of children and young people with disability
  • Implement better data collection across both NDIS and non-NDIS systems
  • Change the perception of children as a cost burden in the NDIS by showcasing the long-term benefits of investing early in childhood support. 

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CYDA policy submission.