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CYDA’s submission to the Australian Government on the Response to the Disability Royal Commission

CYDA policy submission.

The Australian Government has the authority to support and enact recommendations made by the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) in the final report it released in September 2023.

In this submission, CYDA emphasises three critical areas identified in the report that the government should focus on to improve the lives of children and young people with disability:

  1. Inclusive education
  2. Inclusive employment
  3. The elimination of restrictive practices

Our response to the DRC recommendations involves a thorough analysis of these three priority areas, providing insights on whether the government should endorse, oppose, or consider specific recommendations.

What makes our analysis exceptional is the collaboration of various stakeholders, including researchers, CYDA staff, and notably, a young person with a disability who not only contributed evidence but also testified at the Commission.

To reinforce Priority Area One – Inclusive Education, CYDA presents three compelling case studies, featuring experiences from two young people with disability and one from a parent.

These case studies serve as valuable supporting evidence for the importance of inclusive education and the need for government action in response to the DRC recommendations.

You can download the PDF and Word versions of our full submission using the buttons above.

CYDA policy submission.