Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

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CYDA’s response to the Commonwealth Government’s COVID-19 Response Inquiry

Children and young people with disability faced heightened risk during the COVID-19 pandemic due to discriminatory policies and the lack of a cohesive national strategy in Australia.

Our submission addresses the inadequacies in targeted responses, spanning vaccinations, education, and community support services. At its core is a crucial recommendation: to protect children and young people with disability from the long-term effects of the pandemic by prioritising the development of a comprehensive National Children and Young People Recovery Plan.

In its ongoing fight for inclusivity, CYDA calls for a targeted focus in the recovery plan on groups routinely excluded from government policies, including children and young people with disability. We envision a future where every child, regardless of ability, is valued and empowered to lead a life full of opportunities and aspirations.

We believe that a resilient and inclusive approach is essential for the well-being and future of all children and young people, especially those facing increased vulnerabilities.

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