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Joint submission on a Disability Employment Centre of Excellence

CYDA policy submission.

Disability Representative Organisations (DROs) and other individuals and organisations supporting this submission welcome the opportunity to provide feedback on the Options Paper ‘Establishing a Disability Employment Centre of Excellence.’

In charting a course toward a more inclusive and equitable future, the prospect of establishing a Disability Employment Centre of Excellence emerges as a transformative opportunity to enhance the economic inclusion of people with disability.

This joint submission, echoing the collective voices of Disability Representative Organisations (DROs), underscores the profound impact that this envisioned centre could wield in fostering economic empowerment for all people with disability including children and young people.

Organisations involved in this joint submission stand firm in emphasising specific elements imperative for advancing economic inclusion. From advocating for leadership of the proposed Centre by people with disability to championing a nuanced approach shaped by expertise and lived experiences, the submission highlights key facets essential for creating an inclusive employment landscape.

The call for the Centre to reflect diversity, intersectionality, and the incorporation of communities of practice further amplifies the commitment to fostering collaboration and shared learning to boost disability employment in Australia.

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CYDA policy submission.