Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

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National Youth Disability Summit – What young people with disability said – Awareness, Access and Inclusion Position Paper

Text: What young people said.

“Disability pride is about being proud of ourselves. It's about learning our history. It's about knowing that strength and creativity and courage that exists in disabled communities. It's about knowing that there are disabled communities. That disability is not just an individual experience or just an interaction between the individual and a broader society. There are disabled communities, there is disability culture, there are disabled arts groups, disabled activist groups, disabled people living and creating spaces together as disabled people, not in spite of disability, but actively, openly and proudly as disabled people.”

Prejudice and bad attitudes can impact how young people see themselves. They also impact the opportunities young people with disability have to enjoy the good things in life, and their potential to grow and thrive. By changing these attitudes and setting new, more inclusive norms, society can support young people with disability to succeed. In this paper, young people with disability talk about how to improve societal awareness, access and inclusion.

Text: What young people said.