Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

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Review of the national curriculum

CYDA policy submission.

It is the view of CDA that the present education system does not adequately meet the needs of students with disability. This is reflected in lower high school completion rates and workforce participation rates. A key reason for this is the deeply entrenched systemic culture of low expectations regarding students with disability. Research has shown that this attitudes and barrier needs to be challenged directly to enable a creation of an education system that meets and provides quality education for all students, including students with disability. 

Creating inclusive educational settings that respect the contributions of all students have significant benefits and lead to positive outcomes for children who do and do not experience disability. Actively teaching inclusive practices as part of the national curriculum therefore represents a crucial step to improving the educational and employment outcomes for students with disability. 

The current review of the national curriculum provides an opportunity to implement the vast body of research literature that supports this view.

CYDA policy submission.