Text reads: Children and young people with disability.

CYDA at the United Nations CoSP16

About CoSP16

Every year, the United Nations holds a conference for countries that have agreed to uphold rights of people with disability.

This conference is called the “Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, or “CoSP” for short.

In 2023, the UN held its 16th CoSP event, CoSP16, in New York. 

The main theme of CoSP16 was: “Harmonizing national policies and strategies with the CRPD: achievements and challenges”.

A young, smiling woman with fair skin, brown hair tied back and glasses, wearing a floral dress, standing in a large auditorium filled with rows of chairs at long yellow benches. The UN logo is lit up on the far wall.
CYDA Youth Delegate Ashleigh Keating at UN CoSP16

"CoSP16 allowed me to take opportunities to network with other disability organisations from across the globe, including but not limited to Inclusion International, Project Zero, the International Disability Alliance, but also with representatives from Perkins School of the Blind, the World Bank as well as the Secretary of State for Inclusion from Portugal and the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of Colombia to the United Nations. In addition, I was able to speak with many of these organisations and representatives at a side event where I spoke on the importance of inclusive education."

A monitor with a stretched blue screen featuring a young woman with olive skin and shoulder length black hair wearing a green top and a dark blazer, sitting a desk and speaking into a microphone. There are accessibility buttons and non-english subtitles on the screen.
Charlotte Young speaking at the Civil Society Forum
A young man with short blond hair and fair skin wearing a navy suit and tie, smiling as he leans toward a microphone on a desk, with his hands on either side of a piece of paper. Behind him are rows of similar desks with people either sitting or finding their seats.
Justin Hill speaking at the Civil Society Forum
A group of people sitting inside a room at the United Nations in front of desks with microphones, all looking at the camera smiling.
CYDA Youth Council members Danny Dickson, Charlotte Young, Justin Hill and Ashleigh Keating with CYDA CEO Skye Kakoschke-Moore at UN CoSP16

CYDA at CoSP16

CYDA sent four youth delegates to CoSP16, Charlotte Young, Ashleigh Keating, Justin Hill and Danny Dickson, to represent young people with disability. It was an opportunity for to share valuable stories and insights, and to  make connections with advocacy groups and and government representative in an international forum.

Charlotte and Justin spoke at the Civil Society Forum about the importance of including the voices of young people with disability when speaking about the issues that impact them. Our delegates also spoke at side events about inclusive education and disabled youth involvement, awareness, empowerment and leadership. 

CYDA co-hosted a side event panel on “Children with Disabilities: Going Beyond Representation”.

A group of people wearing professional clothing, standing in a line behind a row of desks. They are smiling and have their arms around each others’ shoulders.
UN CoSP16 side event - Children with Disabilities: Going Beyond Representation