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July 2024

Back by popular demand!

Accomodating access needs for employees with disability is very often easier than it sounds. This workshop is a unique opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the diversity of disability, how to communicate openly about access needs, and how to effectively accommodate your disabled employees.

Come along with your questions, scenarios, successes and learnings to share and discuss with other employers and disability experts from The Field and CYDA.

A safe and casual space to speak to leadership, employment and development professionals from youth disability organisations, ask questions and practice your skills in resumé writing, LinkedIn and more!

August 2024

Traditional pathways into work can be inaccessible to young people with disability, but hospitality and higher education aren’t the only ways to get into employment. Hear from a panel of people with lived experience and a range of career journeys to find the pathway that works for you.

Employers are also welcome to attend this panel to learn more about diverse employment pathways.

Doing work that you are interested in makes work more enjoyable, sustainable and fulfilling. In this workshop we’ll help you identify your interests, the types of jobs that might work best for you, and how to find those jobs using online job searches.

September 2024

Speed Networking is an opportunity for DREAM Network members (young people with disability and employers) to come together and connect! In this unique networking event, CYDA will host a selected panel of young people with disability, who will each have a short, 5-minute conversation with the facilitator about their skills and experience. Both young people with disability and employers will share their professional contact details to connect and discuss future opportunities. 

Young people with disability selected to speak at this event will be paid $75 for their time, experience and preparation. (Let us know in the registration form if you would like to speak at this event, and we will let you know if you have been selected with time to prepare.)

Back by popular demand!

This workshop will give you the tools to identify what is most meaningful to you, and how to look for work, and workplace cultures, that are in line with your values.

This workshop was originally developed as part of CYDA’s celebrated Young Leaders Program, and is facilitated by people with lived experience of disability.