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DREAM resources for employers

Reasonable adjustments

An introduction for employers

To ensure people with disability are treated equally and are included in your workplace, you might need to make reasonable adjustments. It is important to have an open and honest conversation with your employees about their access needs and how you can provide for them.

DREAM resources for young people with disability

A young person’s guide to discrimination at work

Knowing your rights

As a young person with disability, you are protected by the Disability Discrimination Act. This makes it illegal for employers to treat you unfairly, or differently from your non-disabled peers, or to refuse to make reasonable adjustments in your workplace. 

Talking about your access needs to an employer

Communicating with confidence

You might already know what your access needs are, or you might have a new job and aren’t sure how accessible your workplace is. If you are a wheelchair user, your employer might need to provide accessible parking, or rearrange furniture. If you are blind or have low vision and work with computers, you might need large print materials or screen reading technology. 

What young people with disability say about employment

Here's what young people said about financial security and employment

To understand the experiences and perspectives of young people with disability in employment, CYDA hosted a LivedX consultation with nine participants in September 2021.

Key findings:

Young people discussed the significant barriers to meaningful employment, including: 

Young people shared ideas and solutions to improve employment outcomes for their cohort. These included: 

Calls to action:

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Here’s what young people with disability said about Employment

The National Youth Disability Summit hosted by Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA) was the first event of its kind in Australia and took place online for 5 days between 29 September and 3 October 2020.  

Over 250 young people with disability attended. These are the key findings on Employment and Identity.

Key points

Key themes and findings





Social movement

Calls to action


Organisations and employers 

CYDA's research and reports on employment

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