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Ableist Media Myths

As a disabled young person, it’s heartbreaking to be bombarded by media that perpetuates ableist attitudes and myths. Especially with the recent federal budget, it’s awful to see headlines that paint people like me as a burden to society or a drain on the economy. I am writing this reflection to disrupt the normalised ableist narrative and bust the media myths that perpetuate it.

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Two women in professional attire at what appears to be a conference (there are people milling about behind them wearing lanyards, and chairs lined up in neat rows). The women are holding yellow children's books and speaking animatedly to each other. The woman on the left has shoulder length blonde hair and is wearing a black dress with a silk scarf. She has distinctive thick black glasses. The woman on the right (recognisable as Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth MP), has curly auburn hair and wears a cream suit.

New funding for Disability Advocacy

Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth MP, has announced an increase in funding for 17 Disability Representative Organisations – including Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA).

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black and white illustration of a tree with lbranches and leaves, leaving towards a river and a jumping fish.

A Fish Climbing Trees

I used to think I hated learning. I remember being confused about why there were always “right” and “wrong” ways to communicate, sit, listen, and learn. However, it turned out that I didn’t hate learning – I hated the way school forced me to learn.

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young woman with long brown and pink hair smiling into the camera with her head tilted slightly to one side.

How does self-care work as a deafblind person?

I can not do some typical self-care activities that others who aren’t deafblind might do. I can’t go to the movies and see a film, or watch Netflix while curled up on the couch …

One thing that brings me great joy and allows me to truly switch off, is reading, but the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are of the belief that funding braille translation of books is not “reasonable” or “necessary”.

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group of six young, school aged children playing and hugging on the carpet in a school library.

The need for inclusive education

Pre-service Teachers are still not required to learn about disability in their four years of study, and if they are taught about disability in education, it is usually only a very small portion of what should actually be taught.

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