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Young people with disability have their say about the issues that matter to them

    LivedX 2022 series

    LivedX 2020 Videos

    LivedX is a series of talks given by young people with disability to change, challenge and share experiences. LivedX initially premiered at the inaugural National Youth Disability Summit in 2020.

    All the videos below feature open captioning and Auslan interpretation. If you’d prefer to watch with closed or no captioning and no Auslan interpreter click here to be taken to the LivedX videos distraction Free and with closed captions youtube playlist.

    1. Watch Tim Lachlan’s LivedX talk titled ‘Developing Confidence in Yourself and Your Abilities’ HERE.  In this LivedX talk, Tim shares his journey to building his confidence and abilities through learning WCMX (wheelchair skating!) 
    2. Watch Tim Chan’s LivedX talk titled ‘My Travels with Autism’ HERE. In this LivedX talk, Tim shares his story and experiences of education. 
    3. Watch Allycia Staples’ LivedX talk titled ‘Kindness Matters’ HERE.  In this LivedX talk, Allycia shares with us how kindness and creativity have guided her throughout life. 
    4. Watch Poppy Mullins’ LivedX talk titled ‘Veiled Inequality: Deconstructing the "One Size Fits All Approach" in Inclusive Education’ HERE. In this LivedX talk, Poppy shares her experiences and ideas, and calls for genuinely inclusive education. 
    5. Watch Kochava Lillit’s LivedX talk titled ‘A Disability Introduction to Transformative Justice’ HERE. In this LivedX talk, Kochava powerfully discusses transformative justice and disability justice. 

    You can find all the LivedX videos in these playlists:

    LivedX videos Auslan and open captions

    LivedX videos distraction Free and with closed captions (Distraction free means optional captioning and no Auslan interpreter)

    National Youth Disability Summit 2020 - What young people said

    At the end of September 2020, the inaugural National Youth Disability Summit (‘the Summit’) took place. The Summit was established with the vision to create an inclusive environment where young people with disability from across Australia could come together as a community and use their voices to shape the future.

    The Summit was designed by and for young people with lived experience of disability. Over nine months, the Co-Design Committee, consisting of 20 young people with disability from across Australia, designed the vision, content and delivery of the Summit. 

    Hosted over five days, the Summit was an entirely online conference that offered young people a range of sessions and workshops, the opportunity to meet other young people, share their ideas, insights and expertise, and develop new skills and knowledge. Over 250 young people attended, with four of the five days being ‘youth only’.

    Each day of the Summit had a focussed topic, as chosen by the Co-Design Committee. A series of policy papers were written about what young people said at the Summit:

    • Education
    • Employment
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing
    • The NDIS and Housing
    • Awareness, Access and Inclusion.

    Mental health and wellbeing – information and resources

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or sad, please reach out for support. Talking to someone can help.

    You can contact:

    Lifeline  13 11 14

    Or contact the Lifeline text line 0477 13 11 14 between the hours of 12pm - 12am (AEST) 

    Beyond Blue  1300 22 4636

    Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800

    Headspace 1800 650 890.

    If you, or a child or young person in your care, needs support during this challenging time, please reach out. Call one of the numbers. If you don't get through straight away, stay on the line - someone will be there.

    Or visit: for online support 

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