In Control My Way

Three young people chatting and smiling in a treed area. One with red hair up in a bun and an undercut, one wearing glasses and a ponytail with a t-shirt with the word "disability" on it, and the other wearing glasses, salmon coveralls, and a white t-shirt with rainbow sleeves.

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About the In Control My Way resources

Dealing with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be difficult. It’s a complicated system with lots of different moving parts. Sometimes the language used in guides and paperwork is hard to understand. The In Control My Way resources have been co-designed by young people with disability who are on the NDIS to help demystify the system, and offer some tips on how to navigate it.

What the NDIS means to me

Young people with disability talk about freedom, independence, choice and autonomy, and how the NDIS has impacted the opportunities they have in their lives. 

Finding the right NDIS information

As a young person with disability, your family might help you find information about the NDIS, or you might be the only person with a disability in your family and they may not know how to help you. 

This resource has suggestions and tips for finding good sources of information for your own situation and needs.

Navigating advocacy

Advocates are here to support and guide you to make decisions about your life. They should have strong knowledge about the NDIS and can speak to the NDIA on your behalf, or help you self advocate. Advocates can be trusted friends, family members or a member of an individual advocacy organisation.

This resource can help you learn about different kinds of advocacy, and how an advocate can help you with the NDIS.

Who can help me use my funding?

A NDIS plan gives young people with disability money to use on supports and services to reach their goals, like physiotherapy, orientation and mobility lessons, assistive technology, cooking lessons and so much more.

This resource helps you to understand what kinds or service providers you can use with your plan and the best ways to find service providers in your area.

Engaging service providers

This resource has tips on how to communicate with service providers, including examples of questions to ask and information to gather before entering into an agreement.

NDIS terms I need to know!

This resource explains the meaning of terms used by the NDIS to help you take control of your plan. When you start accessing the NDIS it can feel like learning a new language. There are lots of acronyms (like LAC or CB) as well as words that might be new or have a different meaning than you expect.

Things I want you to know about me ...

As you go through your journey with the NDIS, you might find that you are being asked for the same information about your disability and your goals over and over by different people and services.

You can use this handy template to put together a profile for yourself, which you can keep on hand for appointments, or copy and paste from whenever you need.